thatslife was my attempt for #1bitclickerjam. It’s unfortunately unfinished, but you can get the progress here:

Jam Requirements

  • 1-Bit (2 Colors Only)
  • Mouse Input Only
  • Chiptune / 8-Bit Audio Only


Game Summary

thatslife is a mashup of Jones in the Fast Lane, an old Sierra game and favorite of baby-babyjeans, The Sims, and Incremental games such as Adventure Capitalist.

Each day, your ‘avatar’ goes through their daily life - wake up, shower, eat, go to work, etc - and keeps running their schedule automatically, trying to tend to their needs… but at any point you may ‘intervene’ and select different options for him to perform depending on the location he’s at (i.e., the options in the screen shot vary depending on where you are). This allows you to rapidly click things for better results (click sleep repeatedly and you’ll wake up refreshed sooner, click Eat repeatedly and you’ll finish up your food faster, etc), but also purchase upgrades, or even shake up the schedule a bit.

Meanwhile, you’ve got different needs that need to be tended to via these actions, which drives your choices and how you reorganize the schedule.

So far, the screenshot above shows my progress - the UI / some buildings are pretty much complete so I can start getting a good grasp on the actual gameplay.


  • Attributes Menu
    Attributes Menu
    Since it’s a life sim, your little avatar-man-guy has a bunch of constantly Attributes, which, with more TBA, so far are Rest, Full-ness, Leisure, and Satisfaction.

  • Routine Menu
    Routine Menu
    To assist with your little avatar-man-guy trying to run his life with or without your clicks, I’m designing a Routine system. It’ll probably take a little balancing to get the hours correct, i.e, 12-4AM might be a terrible window to schedule.
    I took extra care that the Activity Selector would always remain screen and within the frame of the Routine panel.

  • Floating Stat Text!!!!!
    No clicky UI game is complete without fun text that bounces, so we got that too. There’s probably a rounding error somewhere and that’s why you’re seeing the weirdness with Full-Ness