<3 Ancient Ones

we heart ancient ones

The concept for <3 Ancient Ones is that the player is in control of The Chorazos Cult attempting to awaken the Lovecraftian god, Yog-Sothoth. Admittedly, I’m not the most well-read in all things Cthulhu, but the premise did seem to fit my concept quite well.

In the game, players command a commune of zealots, each turn performing actions to either sway the villagers towards your dark ways, or to kidnap and steal from the villagers or their homes.

Kidnappings and volunteers from the recruits serve as Blood Sacrifices. X amount of sacrifices in X amount of turns, and you awaken Yog-Sothoth and all is well (well really, it’s not, but for your cult, sure).


<3 Ancient Ones was originally developed for GM48 #23: Sacrifice, but I didn’t finish it in time.

For some time, I was going to continue the game, but unfortunately, I’ve decided to chock this one up as another abandoned project.

Planned Features, that shall never be.

  • Single-player, turn-based board game style play
  • Light “life sim” in a board game world
    Citizens move around the village with purpose, Zealots can stalk potential recruits or victims.
  • Combat the Holy Church’s priests
    Priests spread fear to the villagers, and rally them against the Commune.
  • An aggressive count-down style gameplay
    There’s a small window for Yog-Sothoth to return, so the player only has a limited amount of turns to sway influence and offer sacrifices for the awakening.

Coming Soon

As part of an effort to catalog stuff, soon I’ll have the sprite sheets and any other assets [I’m allowed to distribute] available here.