GM48 - 22: gobbo lord

a game jam game.

GM48 Theme: Descend




gobbo lord is unfinished, i wasn’t very inspired for this GM48’s theme.
it was a bit late when i settled on a sort’ve ‘dungeon management’ game at a
side-view perspective where you’re commanding gobbos to dig deeper and deeper -
presumably to unearth treasures or dark magics.

The idea is that you’re commanding a bunch of Gobbos to dig deeper and deeper,
presumably for some darker purpose… to collect energy in order to resurrect the Gobbo Lord
which we can assume is the player here. As the Gobbos mine, they collect stone and
precious metal resources, dark energy, as well as release other NPCs from their
earthly-tombs to help out for instance, you dig free some Trolls that
will trade stone for wood).

All resources, except freed NPCs, need to be transported back to the ground, and
a Gobbo can only carry a single item at a time - so the challenge here was going
to be building a system of conveyor belts and pulleys as you mined to keep the resources flowing back home.

what really happened

i made a couple sprites and animated a gobbo walking and digging. i made a
tilemap, and then an intricate job / work system for assigning work to the gobbos,
but that’s about it. with 4 hours remaining it didn’t seem like there’d be
much more game to make.