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The 3.5 Seas

3.5 Seas

The 3.5 Seas is intended to be a digital board game about rival explorers competing for Royal Favor by attempting to be the one to explore the most Small World.
Originally, I developed this game for Ludum Dare #38 but didn’t finish in time.

Jam Source


Each turn, Explorers can take one Explore action, spending Spyglasses to buy the tile they wish to explore. While Ocean tiles always cost 1 Spyglass, Land tiles may have additional requirements:



In addition, they may move around on the explored ocean tiles each turn, depending on what sails their boat has and the wind. Essentially, wind gives +1 move in the direction of the wind, -1 move in the opposite direction.

Crew Management

I had great plans for allowing you to hire crew, and then leave them on islands to work, or give you additional bonuses while exploring. You’d be required to eat pay or feed the crew, or maybe both - it hadn’t been fully designed. The idea was that you’d have to return to where you dropped them off in order to pay or feed them, or else they’d leave.

If you couldn’t feed / pay your crew onboard, there’d be a mutiny forcing you to move towards the nearest port - with each unfed crew leaving your ship once you reach port.

Other ideas included leaving crew in port to be picked up by your rivals and spy the tiles they explore until they get dropped off at the next port.

island management

Island Management & Trade

In addition to crew, you’d manage islands. After they’re discovered, the people on the island produce whatever the island tile dictates, forming an economy where they sell produced items, and try to buy food or tools.

The player would be able to ‘buy’ squares on islands and convert them to their own type of production so they could influence trade.

Original Idea: Pirate Tiles

Before 3.5 Seas was more fleshed out, it began as an idea I called “Pirate Tiles.” In the same vein as Carcasonne, Pirate Tiles is a tile-laying digital board game at it’s heart. Each turn, players place tiles that represent either ocean or land masses, in an attempt to complete and claim the most discovered islands.


Tiles are picked and shuffled randomly (# TBA), and each player is dealt 3 tiles at random in addition to an ocean starting tile. Each player picks a corner of the play area, places their starting tile and then boat on top of it.

During a game round, each player may:

1) Move 1 Square

2) Lay one tile.

The Game Ends when either the ‘deck’ of tiles is exhausted, or the entire board has been filled with tiles. Since we’re a digital board game, it’ll end early if there are no legal moves left within the undrawn tiles.

Scoring is simply tallying the most completing island points.

Tile Variations

Spell Tiles

Spells, like Unleash the Kraken could also be drawn from the tile deck, giving players bonuses, i.e., Unleash the Kraken allows players to place a Kraken on an ocean tile, making the tiles around impassible for X amount of turns. This leaves room for movement bonuses, or teleports, or other various things I haven’t thought of yet.

Resource Tiles

In addition to spells, ‘trees’ or small ‘structures’ on land tiles that give the player bonuses for completing an island i.e., Banana Tree tiles are worth 2 points vs 1 for a normal tile… or perhaps there’s a Settlement tile that gives bonuses when placed (i.e., after placing a Settlement, draw one tile for each empty tile around it - if it matches, place it, if it doesn’t discard it.)

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1 Health Pkwy

Initially written for the 21st #GM48 (Theme: One Health), expanded into a complete game.


Current Gameplay

The rules mention that you can discard a facility as well, but this isn’t implemented yet.

Phase 1 - Polish the current set of features

Beginning the first dev week of 1HP, the goal is to polish the current set of features in the game, and refactor / clean-up much of the code, brushing it up more to current standards.

The initial, primary bug was dragging the patients wasn’t working very well, it’s been improved, but it still feels like a chore, and sometimes misfires. Moving forward, Removing Dragging at the very least from patients. It doesn’t feel that terrible with facilities, so that might still remain an option.


The following is the intended design, where-as we’re just playing catch-up above.

1 Health Pkwy - Design Doc

The purpose of 1 Health Pkwy (henceforth, 1HP) is to run the hospital as long as possible without suffering from a loss of a single patient’s life. Each turn, the player may manage rooms in her hospital, hire new staff, and place as many patients as possible in appropriate rooms according to their ailing complaints.



Rather than an endless game, which surely with the board size, this game can not be endless, I have two ideas:


In the roguelike version of the game, there’d be an option to play the “Standard” game. The Standard game always adds every Situation and Facility available to the game round. Each round of play, the player earns money building their hospital, the amount of money they’ve made at the end of 7 days is their score, and this value is divided by $1000 to get Tokens.

Tokens are used in the meta-store to purchase new packs. Packs unlock new situations and new faciities.
Some points of balance:


<3 Ancient Ones

we heart ancient ones

The concept for <3 Ancient Ones is that the player is in control of The Chorazos Cult attempting to awaken the Lovecraftian god, Yog-Sothoth. Admittedly, I’m not the most well-read in all things Cthulhu, but the premise did seem to fit my concept quite well.

In the game, players command a commune of zealots, each turn performing actions to either sway the villagers towards your dark ways, or to kidnap and steal from the villagers or their homes.

Kidnappings and volunteers from the recruits serve as Blood Sacrifices. X amount of sacrifices in X amount of turns, and you awaken Yog-Sothoth and all is well (well really, it’s not, but for your cult, sure).


<3 Ancient Ones was originally developed for GM48 #23: Sacrifice, but I didn’t finish it in time.

For some time, I was going to continue the game, but unfortunately, I’ve decided to chock this one up as another abandoned project.

Planned Features, that shall never be.

Coming Soon

As part of an effort to catalog stuff, soon I’ll have the sprite sheets and any other assets [I’m allowed to distribute] available here.



thatslife was my attempt for #1bitclickerjam. It’s unfortunately unfinished, but you can get the progress here:

Jam Requirements


Game Summary

thatslife is a mashup of Jones in the Fast Lane, an old Sierra game and favorite of baby-babyjeans, The Sims, and Incremental games such as Adventure Capitalist.

Each day, your ‘avatar’ goes through their daily life - wake up, shower, eat, go to work, etc - and keeps running their schedule automatically, trying to tend to their needs… but at any point you may ‘intervene’ and select different options for him to perform depending on the location he’s at (i.e., the options in the screen shot vary depending on where you are). This allows you to rapidly click things for better results (click sleep repeatedly and you’ll wake up refreshed sooner, click Eat repeatedly and you’ll finish up your food faster, etc), but also purchase upgrades, or even shake up the schedule a bit.

Meanwhile, you’ve got different needs that need to be tended to via these actions, which drives your choices and how you reorganize the schedule.

So far, the screenshot above shows my progress - the UI / some buildings are pretty much complete so I can start getting a good grasp on the actual gameplay.