The Fiddler’s Green Tavern

Fiddler’s Green is a Worker Placement board game implementation, re-using the Province pixel art assets I made to make a similar, small worker placement game about running the GrogShack on Fiddler’s Green.

I want to re-use the dice rolling mechanics from the other pirate island ideas, as well as the captives, but also building up your island and exploring for new islands, finding lost souls.

Brain Storming Ideas

  • Profession BrainStorm: cook, lumberjack, smith, shipbuilder, shipdealer, merchants, pirates (adventures), warden, prisoners
  • Mermaids take Pirates to Fiddler’s Green like Valkyries to Vikings.
  • Port Royale had a major earthiquake in 1612 that nearly destroyed it (fact).
  • Maybe “SuperHot” style turn-based gaming. Time moves when you do. Kinda TBS.
    • actions can take specific amounts of “ticks” to perform.
  • Bob McKraken - “Unleash the deals”
  • Beef Skellington

The Boardgame

In Pirate Bar, players take the role of a tavern manager on an island deep in the Caribbean.
Pirate Bar consists of two separate boards. One Board represents the actual Tavern the Player is running, while the other board represents the layout of the island and the various buildings currently available on the island.

At the beginning of the game, the player decides which square their Tavern is constructed on, it can never be moved from this spot. (This might change, there could be new construction options).
It’s intended that this game is a Solo Worker Placement experience, using dice as workers. Different actions using different sets of dice, with different faces having different meanings. Naturally.

Game Concepts


The GrogShack is the main player board which represents the tavern the player is running. The GrogShack board stores resources, upgrades, and unused pirates. Pirates may make “patronage” of the shack through imbibing that grants bonuses while also causing disadvantages as well. Through out the game, the player has the opportunity to build various amenities to improve the shack.


Projects are tiles or cards drawn by the player that have a required amount of resources and/or ‘uses’ by a pirate specialist. (i.e., a building might require 4 wood + a carpenter)

Some projects may REQUIRE a specific pirate or captive, or to specifically use a pirate or captive for a task. (You MUST use a Pirate to complete a jail, etc)

Projects require certain amounts of die-pips to be complete. Pirates can be combined to add to higher amounts if you [Buy Rum][gsbr] at the Grogshack.


Pirates are represented by both dice and cards. Each time the player acquires a pirate card, they take a dice of the color represented by the pirate on the card.

Pirates can have different skills that give bonuses when going on expeditions, raids, or using various island buildings. They can also be used as a ‘wild’ for any missing goods required by a project.


Captives are the laborers required to complete any building or production task. A Pirate can stand-in for 2 laborers, but will [Return to a Stool][gsrtts] at the end of the turn.

Captives are acquired from Expeditions or Raids, and similar to pirates, are drawn from a deck. When acquired, the player takes a die representing the color of the captive from the captive pool.

Captives may have different values of Ransom. When Ransoming a Captive, the player gives up an available die of that captives color, and the captives card (only if unused), and receives the ransom reward.

Some Captives may have special abilities giving them more value in specific building or production tasks. (A Tailor Captive may act as 2 laborers in a tailoring workshop, or reduce the required resource amount)


TODO: A list of possible goods that can be used.


The following serves as a basic introduction and description of each of the game actions

  • Players roll a set of dice for the expedition, the result of the rolls representing the result of the expedition.
  • Symbols:
    • Prisoner / Captive
      • Add a Prisoner to your jail, if a jail is built and there is enough room.
      • Draw a prisoner card and take appropriate dice according to said prisoner.
    • Goods / Resources
    • Ship Hits
      • When receiving more hits than hitpoints on the ship, the ship sinks losing anything aboard.
        • perhaps saving rolls for pirates?