3.5 Seas

The 3.5 Seas

The 3.5 Seas is intended to be a digital board game about rival explorers competing for Royal Favor by attempting to be the one to explore the most Small World.
Originally, I developed this game for Ludum Dare #38 but didn’t finish in time.

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Each turn, Explorers can take one Explore action, spending Spyglasses to buy the tile they wish to explore. While Ocean tiles always cost 1 Spyglass, Land tiles may have additional requirements:

  • Must have minimum explored tiles
  • Tile must have x ocean tiles around it
  • Must be X tiles from other land



In addition, they may move around on the explored ocean tiles each turn, depending on what sails their boat has and the wind. Essentially, wind gives +1 move in the direction of the wind, -1 move in the opposite direction.

Crew Management

I had great plans for allowing you to hire crew, and then leave them on islands to work, or give you additional bonuses while exploring. You’d be required to eat pay or feed the crew, or maybe both - it hadn’t been fully designed. The idea was that you’d have to return to where you dropped them off in order to pay or feed them, or else they’d leave.

If you couldn’t feed / pay your crew onboard, there’d be a mutiny forcing you to move towards the nearest port - with each unfed crew leaving your ship once you reach port.

Other ideas included leaving crew in port to be picked up by your rivals and spy the tiles they explore until they get dropped off at the next port.

island management

Island Management & Trade

In addition to crew, you’d manage islands. After they’re discovered, the people on the island produce whatever the island tile dictates, forming an economy where they sell produced items, and try to buy food or tools.

The player would be able to ‘buy’ squares on islands and convert them to their own type of production so they could influence trade.