Weekend Update: Hiatus 'n' Dissonance

Dissonance Logo

This weekend I released Dissonance for GameMaker Studio 2, but also, for the first time, with GameMaker: Studio 1.4 support. Since it’s been awhile, I’m also going to talk a little bit about some upcoming new stuffs, and a lil’ stuffs I’ve been doing.

Well folks, I certainly didn’t keep up with my commitment to post a new update every weekend! I’m back though, with some new developments. Unfortunately, that gorgeous-ish Pitfall game @net8floz and I were working on is stalled, we’ve both got other things that are consuming our time, but @net8floz‘s rudp library came out of the effort.

(Side Note: We’ll most likely also be seeing that bloom shader publicly soon!)

What is Dissonance?

My newest Extension, Dissonance, is GML bindings for the new discord-rpc API that they just released publicly last Thursday.

Yeah, well what is RPC?

Here’s the shot from my demo:


The important bit is the little Discord preview window, all of that metadata is filled in game-side. Using Dissonance, you can set this data for your game. See more from the Discord best practices site.

The unfortunate issue remaining is that the Ask to Join and Spectate features fail to work, though I can’t seem to find anything wrong in my implementation so I’ve got an e-mail out to support.

I also only built the libraries for Windows. I still need to check if there’s an issue with Proxy libraries on other platforms with GameMaker Studio 2 before I can build Ubuntu and macOS versions… but this time, as I mentioned, I took the time to back port the extension and example to GM:S 1.4, so enjoy that GameMaker: Studio users!

More Content and Forum Re-organization

Since last post, I’ve also re-organized the rou.sr forums a little bit, mainly condensing down some of the categories to hopefully make it a bit easier to browse and a bit less sparse.

As for new content, I’m beginning the massive task of cataloging all of my previous projects, at least, as far back as I have them. I plan to come up with a format to basically dissect each project into easily to download bite-size bits - this way it’ll eventually be easy to search the projects for specific assets.

In addition to this, I’m trying to figure out a good place to wedge my Game Ideas Series into the blog, adding new ideas and maybe some exercises to go along with them regularly.