1 Health Pkwy

A turn-based strategy game about a hospital written in 48h for the 21st #GM48. (Theme: One Health)
Written with GameMakerStudio2



The purpose of 1 Health Pkwy (henceforth, 1HP) is to run the hospital as long as possible without suffering from a loss of a single patient’s life. Each turn, the player may buy one new room to build in her hospital, hire one new doctor (most likely for the room just purchased), and place as many patients as possible in appropriate rooms according to their ailing complaints.

A successful cure leads to profits, profits which can then be spent on MORE rooms and MORE doctors, oh wonderous healthcare system, are you ever without surprises?


At Game Start players are given a Reception Area with which to receive thier patients, and a General Practice for the basic needs of diagnosis.

As part of an effort to catalog stuff, soon I’ll have the sprite sheets and any other assets [I’m allowed to distribute] available here.