Hi Folks and welcome to my blog! As a long-time game developer, I’d like to share some of my projects and some helpful tips with others. While professionally, I work mainly in C++, I’ve taken a liking to many other languages / platforms… currently favoring GameMakerStudio 2, but I’ve got a soft spot for some Lua and Node.js. This blog is currently very GML centric, and most of my projects are written in GMS2! Hopefully, you’ll find something of use here, and welcome!

Blog GameMaker Studio 2 Tip #1: Singletons

Let’s say we had an object PupperManager with the goal of managing all of our game’s Puppers. Since it doesn’t make much sense for more than one thing to manage a group of objects like this, PupperManager is a great candidate for the singleton pattern. You can look up a really computer-sciencey explanation for Singletons, but primarily our goal here is to create an object that fits the following requirements:

  • There’s only one single instance
  • It is globally accessible
Weekend Update: Hiatus 'n' Dissonance

Dissonance Logo

This weekend I released Dissonance for GameMaker Studio 2, but also, for the first time, with GameMaker: Studio 1.4 support. Since it’s been awhile, I’m also going to talk a little bit about some upcoming new stuffs, and a lil’ stuffs I’ve been doing.

Weekend Update: Ubuntu and OSX

During a “final push” this week to get LuaRousr 1.0 out, I delved into the land of CMake, Ubuntu, and macOS. Learned how to build my C++ extensions cross-platform, and also exporting from GameMaker Studio 2 with both the macOS and Ubuntu modules! While I’m still working on LuaRousr’s export (I ran into some issues that seem to be on the [GMS2] side), I did add support for Ubuntu to outsideTheBox as well as fix a couple lingering bugs I didn’t realize existed. ;)


Also, I’ve been working on a game with @net8floz, the newest member of rousr!

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